DISCUSSIONS: 5 – (June 9) Can society be more principled, more respectful, treat each other more properly?

Sexual assaults, sexual harassment, violence against women, bullying and more…why do these kinds of offences keep getting repeated in today’s society?

In 1963, Hollywood great, Stanley Kubrick produced and directed the movie A Clockwork Orange. The plot of this lurid and dynamic movie was based on a dystopian society as created by the author Anthony Burgess.

At some point in the future, society has so many violent acts happening that the authorities develop a strategy to reduce violence and help eliminate their occurrences. The protagonist of the story is ‘rehabilitated’ by the state but done so by being conditioned so that whenever he is tempted to commit a negative or violent act, he becomes incredibly nauseous, totally incapacitated.

What is frightening and abhorrent about the movie is that society has decided there is justification for taking away a person’s free will by brainwashing. The person can no longer act freely. Society decides that violence is unacceptable and that human beings must be controlled to prevent these things from happening.

Our judicial system and our penal system are not enough to give some people pause for thought when they choose to commit violence against another person.

Society regulating human behaviour as is done in Burgess’ fictional world cannot be our end goal.

But what can we do to make people, slow down and think before acting negatively toward another person?

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