DISCUSSIONS: 5 – ( MAY 12) Trump crazy like a fox?

Trump may not be a nuts as many of us think. Look at everything he does to see that there is a possibility that he is simply trying to keep people off balance. And he is succeeding everywhere in the world. But look at every leader of the world and every domestic person of note. Once ‘Trumpy’ sights the person, that person no longer can be certain of their relationship with the ‘great Trumpinski.’

Could this man be an incredible jerk? It is hard to believe all that he does but he just may have an agenda in mind as suggested by Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star.

Is he acting in the “madman mode” which Richard Nixon promoted. Nixon deliberately cultivated his reputation as a maniac capable of pressing the nuclear button, on the theory that this would keep America’s enemies on edge.

Trump may be doing the same thing. At least, according to Walkom. Read his full article: Aping Nixon

What do you think?

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