DISCUSSIONS: 6-(June 23) Again, and again, and again…indigenous exploitation?

Ottawa gives indigenous old US embassy as their new indigenous centre. Again, indigenous people get unfair treatment.

If they were white people with political clout, would they have been offered this second rate property?


Ideal property available; prime location, spacious surroundings.

Maybe Ottawa should have done a broader search for more appropriate properties. There likely were other choices.

Again, the indigenous of our country are put at the back of the bus. We conquered them. We took their land, the spoils of war. We signed treaties with them as how of fairness but then relegated them to reservations. We created residential schools for them…no more needs to be said there.

Now, we find a ‘hand me down’ office building, the former US embassy across from Parliament Hill and give it to them with a straight face.

“Indigenous people always get the hand-me-downs, the buildings, and land that settlers no longer have a use for,” said the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada task force, comprised of about 30 mostly indigenous architects, architectural students, interns and academics.

We describe the property with tongue in cheek. The former U.S. embassy is prime real estate in Ottawa. It was built in the 1930s, acquired from the U.S. government in 1997, and has remained vacant since 1998. Now let’s give it to the indigenous.

And to ice the cake…“No relationship is more important to this government than that with the indigenous peoples,” Trudeau said.

Who did Ottawa consult with about this decision? How much consultation was done?

Considering the money Ottawa wastes, the money spent on Senate investigation, the salaries paid to Senators who lack moral principles and act like hormone invigorated hares, could Ottawa not find a dime or two for this real estate solution for the indigenous?

Once again, political promises made by political powers amount to nothing when indigenous issues are at stake.

What do you think?

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