DISCUSSIONS: 2- (June 16) The con is on in Ottawa: Ministers Freeland and Sajjan conning the electorate?

Are we being conned, again?

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland and Minister of Defence might be ‘working the electorate. The claim is that there needs to be an increase in the Defense budget by billions and billions of dollars.

The Canadian voter in the eyes of these ministers?

Here’s how these ministers are playing the public.

A few weeks ago, just after Sajjan was outed for his role in the Afghanistan campaign, the minister tried to persuade Canadians into believing the Canadian defence budget needed to be increased tremendously. The message did not fly well.

Now Minister Freeland has taken a different tact. She reads Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Greening of the Environment Agreement as having much greater significance. She likely is also underlining that Trump gripes that NATO members are not pulling their fair share of the defence load. The USA is the greatest contributor to NATO’s coffers while Canada is one of the contributors who fail to pay their fair share. The writing on the wall says two things according to Freeland vision: the USA is likely to diminish its role in NATO, if not withdrawing its membership outright and secondly, the USA is likely going to diminish its role as peace policeman in the world.

Freeland plays to the ego and pride of Canadians by suggesting that Canada’s highly regarded international image should be translated into a role where we become junior officers in the ranks of world peace police.

Forget about it, Freeland! Our military budget needs revisiting and revision, without a doubt to defend national boundary incursions by foreign fishermen on both coasts and to defend against the possible incursion of Russian mineral explorers in Canada’s far north. In no way do these two threats justify the outlandish budgetary increases as claimed by Freeland and Sajjan.

Is their next con going to argue that the Canadian economy and Canadian jobs will benefit significantly by an increased defence budget? Balderdash!

What do you think?


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