EDITORIAL: Oh no, not the same old, same old

Oh no, not the same old, same old !

Great expectations! For naught!

There was some expectation election of half a new council would portend new directions, new initiatives.

The reality seems to be much of the “same old, same old.” Perhaps we may be jumping to the wrong conclusions prematurely, a sign of impatience. But when councillors say one thing, promising something easily executed, and then fail to deliver, it is too easy to slip into the old mode of uneasiness.

A couple of councillors have promised greater transparency, greater accountability. They likely mean in ’23 as hollow words have been spoken to this point.

Let’s cut the new council some slack, give them a little elbow room. Likely they haven’t even found the councillors’ bathroom yet. BTW, now there’s a need for a women’s washroom!

Let’s watch and see.

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