EDITORIAL: Residents of Pickering deserve better.

Again, councillors at city hall in the City of Pickering disappoint. City residents deserve better updating and communication.


City of Pickering residents deserve better communication, updating, and information from its city hall. What is happening at the council meetings? What is the latest council news pertaining to any ward? What is each councillor doing?

Once, not long ago, councillors had website pages where residents could learn recent news or updates from councillors. No longer. Searching for councillor websites on the City of Pickering pages is an exercise in frustration and futility. Some councillors still have websites. Finding the Internet address to these sites should not be a serious challenge. 

The campaign halo worn by the councillors during the election campaign seems to be slipping more and more as weeks pass.

Two councillors promised town halls and explanatory summations. Whoosh….words in the wind. Others promised updating and constituent messaging. Whoosh! Most promised better communication, updating and information to constituents. Whoosh!

Seems like we can sail ships with the hot air that was whooshing from the candidates during the campaign. Today, we’d be stock still in the water.

No explanations, no justifications, no rationalizations, no excuses….simply, no communication.

Many would believe that the residents of Pickering deserve better.




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