EDITORIAL: PICKERING population put at risk

We’ve complained before, at town halls, Ward meetings, to councilors. All to no avail, shut down and shot down even by councilors themselves, our political representatives.

This won’t help you sleep better
Pickering’s Nuclear Emergency Evacuation plan, last updated, 2015. Feel safe? The populaton of the city has increased tremendously. Road congestion is a serious problem in all parts of the city, at any time. Imagine the chaos if there were a nuclear emergency.

Whose responsibility is the safety of the people of Pickering?
What are the people of Pickering supposed to do if there is a nuclear emergency? When the question was put to a prominent councilor at a Town Hall, the response was evasive political bafflegab and deflective glibness. The question was never answered.

Questions about a nuclear emergency
There are many questions the City of Pickering municipal council and the regional council should be addressing without paddling the ball into someone else’s court. Take on the responsibility, find the answers, update the information and then, inform us, your constituents.

  • Will we receive phone instructions?
  • Will radio stations broadcast emergency actions to be taken?
  • Should citizens be given current printed information?
  • Should we get into our cars and drive somewhere?
  • Will Durham Transit be involved in an evacuation?
  • What are we to do if an evacuation is necessitated?
  • Should we just take our iodine pills and turn on the TV?
  • Are the citizens properly informed with current information?

The citizens of Pickering and those who live in the at-risk geographical area should have updated information and clear instructions for their physical safety and for peace of mind.

Municipal leaders, what do you have to say about all this? Shouldn’t you be saying something, something positive and constructive? Shouldn’t you be more responsible for the safety and well being of your constituents?

Your constituents are listening!

[ Read the original notification made by City of PICKERING: —> TEST ]


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