[ The TEST never occurred. The noticed below was published but the test was not carried out. Is this serious endangerment of the population in that people are publicly warned/notified of an imminent action by the authorities but it is never done? ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”…wreckless endangerment of the public?

This should be a yearly test on a regular date, PUBLISHED for the welfare of everyone.]

From June 5 to 9, the City of Pickering will be testing its nuclear public alerting system during daytime hours, over five days. The test will consist of 34 individual short, five-second siren alerts.

On June 5, an auto dialer will call listed Durham Region landline phone numbers that are within 10 kilometres of the nuclear-generating stations. The calls will show as coming from 905-666-6291.

Learn how you will be alerted by looking up your address at durham.ca/AlertMap.

No action is required. In a real emergency, upon hearing the alerts, you must go indoors and tune into trusted local media outlets or government channels for further instructions.

For more information, visit durham.ca/NuclearPreparedness, or call 311.

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