NEWS: STOP THE SPRAWL protests at Bethlenfalvy consitituency office

A crowd of nearly 500 protesters demonstrated their opposition and dismay with Premier Dung Ford’s Green Belt policy at his minister Peter Bethlenfalvy’s constituency office in Pickering.

Protesters protested against one of many of Ford’s latest policies regarding the Green Belt:

  • giving developer friends advance notice of the policy change;
  • removing developer restrictions to prime agricultural land in southern Ontario;
  • allowing developers access to land reserved for wetland preservation;
  • giving cronies advance warning about best lands to buy from which to profit;

Protesters may have made a noticeable impression on the Ford government with this protest but likely no change in policy will result. They clearly demonstrated their oppositon to the government and its policy regarding these protected lands, but this protetst is likely to no avail. Ford and his political supporters know full well that no politician will be ousted because of the controversial Green Belt policy. 

A successful protest rally! Like with no impact on government policy.


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