OUTSTANDING SERVICE: A & W Burger Franchise, really worth trying out !


I dine out infrequently as my wife prefers home cooked meals to almost any meal in a restaurant. Eating at a fast food chain is even less frequent. However, I have eaten at the A & W Burger restaurant at Warden, south of 401 in Scarborough once every year in the past three.

Why? Well, I got hooked by an A & W TV ad a few years back and decided to try out what they were promoting by going to this franchise outlet. 

In short…it was absolutely great. The promoted item was delicious, a teen burger, the french fries, delicious also and served beautifully in a miniature stainless steel fryer basket. But what really got my attention was the cleanliness of everything in this restaurant from every table, to every corner of the floor, to the windows surrounding the dining area. Even the posters on the windows were hung with a discerning eye, not an excessive strip of tape, each aligned with care. This restaurant franchise was managed by a person who cares about his retail outlet and service. The food was hot, well prepared and delicious; the dining room was polished clean, in order and inviting to dine in. This restaurant was so good, I have gone back each year just to see if it was a coincidence that I hit it after a major cleanup. So far, three visits, each a year apart, and the restaurant has hit the same mark dead on each year.

A gem of a fast food eatery!  Go there…even if you aren’t a fast food fan! You will find this eatery to be worth the visit, in every sense.

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