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Emma, my mother-in-law, almost 95 years old, slowing down a lot. Now in a care home and each day doing a bit less. The winter of life has arrived.
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Maxine is the cartoon character created by John Wagner. She is the most popular of all the characters used in Hallmark line of cards. She’s on the header with Emma because laughter is what we need now for Emma.

The centre of the header is the theme area. It is modified monthly to something that is suited for the month, the season, the news, or the persons displayed on the sides.



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SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: KRACKen: flaw in Wi-Fi security leaves users vulnerable - The short of this scam is that people using old Wi Fi routers and who have not had them updated by the manufacturer or provider may be vulnerable to hacker intrusion. For a detailed explanation about this KRACKen threat … Continue reading
SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Computer service SCAM - Almost got taken but thanks goodness my brain engaged on time to save me. Be aware. Be prepared. Be wary. Be vigilant, all the time. Let your guard down for an instant, and you'll pay. Instead of going to … Continue reading
EDITORIALS: - Higher priced electrical bills coming...all because of "card shuffling at Darlington." Consider messaging your local MPP. Next year, an election year, may mean a more receptive ear! Darlington project Global News has unearthed some stunning evidence of just how far … Continue reading
ERMA's desk...: Caveat emptor buyers ! - The consumer-retailer relationship is a two-way one. Sometimes the consumer must take the initiative; other times, the retailer. Neither party should take the relationship for granted. Or should they just sit back and let things be? Recently I … Continue reading
DEBATABLE: A personal comment concerning the NFL player protests -  I am a fan of the NFL but I find the player protests during the playing of the American national very discomforting. Protesting players need to be reminded that they were hired and accepted a contract to work … Continue reading
DEBATABLE: An open letter to NFL players - An open letter to the NFL players, You graduated high school in 2011.  Your teenage years were a struggle.  You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  Your mother was the leader of the family and … Continue reading
DEBATABLE: What Americans really want - I like the way this is phrased because it recognizes that the political class are "bought and paid for". I believe that the basic premise is correct:  If you listen to Trump, he is hitting many of the … Continue reading
DEBATABLE: NFL players’ political protests probably positive, possibly pointless - The political demonstrations started with a football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The cause of his protest arguably justified. The singularity of his act is spreading to other professional sports. There are two sides to the protest. Fire the "son … Continue reading
Bk Club NEWSLETTER: Issue 1-2, October, 2017 - Vol 1, Issue 2 George Ashe Library Book Club October, 2017 We have read: State of Wonder Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Orphan Train Bletchley Girls 419 Secret Keeper Escape from Camp 14 They left … Continue reading
RECIPES: A Thanksgiving vegetable dish that got raves - Brussel sprouts don't work for everyone. Here's a recipe that worked at our Thanksgiving dinner. The flavours were subtle and came through very nicely. It is a recipe worth trying in your house. Let us know what your … Continue reading
SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Debit card fraud - Identity theft (identity fraud) is one of the fastest growing crimes anywhere. Some cardholders believe in many myths relating to the cards. Read the facts here. Debit Card Fraud Dispelling the Myths A national awareness program is trying … Continue reading
SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Durham residents at risk of scams - Fraud and scams are too prevalent in today's world for victims to ignore or hide because they are embarrassed. If you suspect someone is trying to defraud your family, report your suspicions to the Durham Regional Police. DURHAM … Continue reading
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