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Choosing the best books of all time is a very subjective challenge. However, using the criteria of most sold, most translated, reputation and hearsay, the following books rate at the all time best reading list [ not in order of ranking ]:

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Arguably the best fictional book ever written, Dan Brown’s opus has sold millions of copies, been translated into dozens of languages, made into a movie and been put on the pedestal it deserves to be on.

Why it is the best: very suspenseful, engaging and well written; captivating puzzles presented throughout have a modicum of believability. The ‘chases’ are very engaging. The book is spellbinding.

Harper Lee wrote this outstanding novel in the 1960’s. She was awarded a Pulitzer for the book, deservedly. Translated into many languages and made into an Oscar winning movie, this book should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Outstanding writing, a great story, universal in its theme, the book is as engaging today as when it debuted.


For history buffs, Robert Massie’s Nicholas & Alexandra, should be high on the list of “must reads.” Though may be guilty of writer’s license, this novel is a superb narrative of the final days of the Romanov dynasty. So well written, the reader cannot help but sympathize with the doomed Czar and his entire family. A universal tragedy but one which many may feel as justifiable.

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