NEWS: DACA immigration policy – Turnip’s retaliation against Obama

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It is a challenge to support President Turnip on anything. His latest policy change is a revocation of an Obama executive order which gave illegal aliens some breathing room before the US government took action against them.

Once again, President Turnip seems to have reacted before giving his action fuller consideration.

The DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy gives children of illegal immigrants to the USA a moratorium period before immigration policies are applied to them. Deportation is likely to take place. The DACA policy initiated by Obama’s executive order gave these children a bit of breathing room in their effort to obtain American citizenship with certain conditions applied. Conditions included things like living in the USA without interruption for a long period of time, high school diploma, GED certification, honourable discharge from military service and no convictions for felony or misdemeanours.

It all sounded very good. Afterall, why should a young adult suffer for something an offence committed by their parents. However, Turnip saw it another way. Not through the eyes of these young adults, many of whom have become positive and concrete contributors to the American economy and society as faithful and honest residents. Turnip disregard that consideration. Instead, he retaliated against Obama. He claims that the White House does not have jurisdiction over immigration policies, only Congress does. Hence, he cancelled the DACA policy.

No grandfather clause like Obama’s policy; no special consideration for living as proper residents; no points for working or studying or military service. Once again, Turnip acts vitriolically with no regard to the impact on people.


We can only hope that there are better thinkers holding his wrist as it hovers over the ‘big red button’ during this critical period and heated rhetoric in the Pacific rim area.

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