SENIORS: The dangers of winter are nearing…prepare yourself

2016-11-12_10h09_24Winter’s dangers are around the corner.
Prepare yourself appropriately.


Winter’s inclement weather:
Risks for everyone, not just older adults.

Icey sidewalks, snow covered ice patches, puddles of water nearing freezing temperatures, each of these is a potential problem to a pedestrian. Every person who ventures outside should take proper precautions in defense against this risk issues.

This news clip Durham should remind everyone about the dangers that winter brings all of us…

Pedestrian suffers serious injuries after being struck by car in north Oshawa

OSHAWA – Durham Regional Police reported that a 78-year-old male pedestrian suffered serious injuries after being struck by a car in north Oshawa in the early evening of Thursday, Nov. 10.

Officers from Central East Division were called to the corner of Beatrice Street East and Trowbridge Drive at approximately 5:30pm regarding a motor vehicle collision involving a pedestrian. A grey Ford Fusion, driven by a 68-year-old Oshawa woman, was westbound on Beatrice Street when a male suddenly stepped into the path of her vehicle.

The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital with serious head injuries. The driver of the Ford was not injured and police do not expect charges will be laid against the driver. Weather and road conditions were favourable at the time of the collision.


Prepare yourself for Old Man Winter !

Appropriate apparel
Dress warmly but comfortably. Be able to move easily, flexibility of arms and legs. Very importantly, winter clothing should keep you warm without you perspiring. Clothing should ‘wicker away’ perspiration.


Hand warmth
Mitts are better than gloves. Gloves should be reserved for when doing outside work. Otherwise, mitts are more effective protection against the cold.


Proper winter boots are crucial. Numerous factors should be considered:
> weight of boot
> flexibility
> overall comfort
> anti slip soles
> waterproof
> warmth
> ease of putting on
> ease of taking off


Suit up properly, from head to toe
Jacket considerations:
> lightness
> weather protection
> waterproof
> windproof
> wicker ability (anti perspiration)
> visibility
hooded (not recommended, vision issues)


Wear head covering which deals with:
> water problems
> wickers away perspiration
> wind issues
> comfort


> snow glare resolution
> wear only in day time
> wind protection
> UV protection

> Soft plastic

The bottom line
Winter presents many dangers to every person venturing outside. All these dangers are related to slips and falls. Obviously ice is the greatest danger but so is snow which may cover other perils such as pot holes, irregular surfaces or frozen snow mounds. Walk with these dangers in mind and take your time.


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