RICHARD's desk...: DISTRACTED DRIVING: here’s the solution

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Distracted driving can be eliminated. The car industry has to think public welfare again, instead of profit. Like seat belts, “inoperative cell phones” would save countless lives.

Unplug their phones while the vehicle is moving.

There is an easy solution to eradicate distracted driving. Car manufacturers should simply program a “shut off” mechanism into their vehicle’s cell phone connection. When the car is moving, the phone does not work.

No asking users, no polling of drivers, no surveying cell phone users. Simply, create a mechanism that shuts off all cell phones in the car when it is moving. Stopped, the phones work; moving, they do not.

Ignore the inevitable whaling, complaining and lamenting from those paranoid about being controlled by “big brother” or “big corporations.” Their use of phones has been regulated but not eliminated. If they want to use the phone, stop the car. Yes, at a red light, the phone would re-engage but only until the vehicle starts moving again. If the driver sits there and talks on the phone, other drivers around them will react.

Passengers upset at not being able to use the phone will be inconvenienced, but only when the vehicle is moving.

A simple solution to the deadly problem of distracted driving.

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