More about Nonna

Emma is my mother-in-law, almost 95 years old, still going, but not going strong. She recently moved into a retirement home after still being in her Scarborough home up until the early summer (2017) at which time caring for her in her own home was becoming too difficult. Now she lives in a retirement home and is slowly adjusting to life there.
Emma proves her indomitable spirit is up for the challenge as she slogs on each day. Age is challenging her in many ways, losses actually: vision, hearing, appetite, walking, memory. Though each day seems to have many struggles, she keeps going, much like the energizer bunny, but slower, much slower.

Emma was a very unique lady in the sense that she seemed to do very little and yet she attracted all kinds of people, every nationality and even people who did not speak English, nor Italian. Yet, somehow nonna communicated with them.

Nearly 100 people attended her 90th birthday party and nonna remembered each of them, greeting each one by name.

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