RICHARD writes...: Fake news

In this age of fake news, truthful hyperbole, and outright lying in the news, it is important to examine the news with a sceptical eye, a questioning perspective, a grain of salt.

The provincial Liberals have offered a site which supposedly corrects, confirms and verifies what the leader of the opposition says but…

In 1952, an American journalist, Arthur E. Sutherland, wrote in The Atlantic that the news should be read with a healthy dose of scepticism. The world has not change much, perhaps worsened. [ His full column of that time can be read at:  The ATLANTIC ]

News has multidimensions. The source has its agenda which might be self promotion, a desperate promotion for subscribers. The reporter has his/her own biases, beliefs and personal philosophy. The media has its raison d’etre whether it is to maintain a subscriber list and delay the inevitable end of its commercial life. All of this means that news as read, viewed or heard is been tainted, distilled and filtered before you receive it. News has deteriorated even more in our time, especially since President Turnip took office. Now, the number one politician in the world lies, prevaricates, befuddles and confuses news recipients with his announcement, his boasts and his tweets. This has further eroded the dependability and trust we may have in the news. Some TV media networks have taken to reporting Turnip’s announcements without even doing an iota of fact checking. His announcements are published as is, much to the embarrassment of some of the reporting services when real news reporters uncover the deception or errors made by the President.

The Liberal party has created a site where they claim that they are fact checking announcements and claims made by the leader of the opposition. The Liberal’s statement about their site is interesting and tantalizing. Imagine a party fact checking what their opponents state. We like the idea but we have one question: “Who is checking the checker?”

View the Liberal Party’s site, “Facts still matter” at: FACTS

The only solution to learning the real story (with apologies to Paul Harvey) is for a news watchers/readers find multiple sources relating to the same story. With many versions, one may be able to better discern what is true and what is not about the story.

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