INTERNATIONAL: Hey Mr. Trump, meet the new sheriff

Hey Mr. Trump, meet the new sheriff. He’s here to do a little investigatin’ and he ain’t interested in having dinner with ya.

He’s gonna be a busy fella for the next few months. Oh by the way, do ya know what a subpoena is? You will soon.

Yesterday the US Justice Dept. appointed Robert Mueller as the head of the investigation about whether President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to sway the presidential election.

The background: Earlier this year, Michael Flynn was forced to resign as Trump’s national security adviser after misleading the White House about conversations he’d had with the Russian ambassador to the US. Then last week, Trump abruptly fired James Comey as director of the FBI and who was leading the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation.

Earlier this week, it came out that Comey wrote a memo following a meeting he had with Trump the day after Flynn resigned. That memo details how Trump asked Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Flynn, saying “I hope you can let this go.”

Mueller was director of the FBI for 12 years. He has been a prosecutor, litigator and law professor. A very highly respected man by everyone in Congress and in the US justice system. He has the power to look into, investigate and explore anything he feels is related to this accusation that Donald Trump or his campaign staff colluded with Russia in the presidential campaign.

Presumption or prediction
It may be presumptuous to say Trump’s days are numbered. After all, our judicial systems are based on “innocent until proven guilty.” We do know that Trump is a notorious liar and Mueller has the power to get to the truth. Be reminded that Ken Star, playing the same role in the investigation of Clinton found piles of dirt under the carpet even dishing up the dirt on Monica Lewinski. Many people who support this investigation want to know what Trump is hiding, particularly in relation to his finances.

Oh, what interesting times we live in.

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