BRUNO's desk...: It’s summer !

Work just never seems to stop, spring, summer, all seasons. But at least in the summer, it’s wonderful working outside in the sunshine…though this summer’s sunshine has been kind of questionable.


So far, this summer the clouds have opened up and given us such a downpour that the fields of Holland Marsh have been flooded. Saw on the news the farmers are pumping out so much water into the nearby river. Locals have been saying they have never seen so much flooding here before.

The rain has also put a damper on the patio stone layout we want to put at the front of our home. It is a fair sized project. It will cover a pathway across the front of the house about 9 feet by 52 feet with 6 feet by 18 feet curved path to our paved driveway. Over the Canada Day weekend, my wife and I managed to get about half of it done. Looks great so far and we are both proud of what we have accomplished. Our neighbours have said they didn’t even hear us arguing. All they heard was. “Yes Dear.”

The Boss checking the hired hand's work!
Pro landscapers
now for hire

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Professional work by rookies !
Skilled workers are hard to find
Holland marsh farms flooded badly
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We took time off for lunch on Saturday to visit Palmer Park in Port Perry to enjoy the Canada Day festivities and grab a bite to eat. So many people and all proud Canadians.

Then back to work until late supper time. After cleaning ourselves up, we headed back into Port Perry to our usual parking spot, across from Vos’ Independent grocers, to watch the fireworks at 10 pm. They were awesome.

Hopefully, we can finish this project by the end of July.

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day weekend.

 POW WOW: you’re invited !  

July 15 & 16 – Mississaugas of Scugog Island Annual Pow Wow
My wife and I go almost every year to see the festivities, shop the booths and enjoy the cultural dances and foods. This is a super colourful event. Check the local Port Perry papers for more information. Also check out their website:

Location: just a few kilometers north of the Great Blue Heron casino

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