MISC.: Mothers are remembered on Valentine’s Day also

Thoughts of you on Valentine’s

Every mother is chosen by God to parent her children from the cradle to the end whether paternally or by adoption.  The criteria for being a parent remains the same for generations. That criteria said she should have a  heart that is tender and fortified by love.  Love is a mother’s protective umbrella, which an umbrella by purpose, protects from the element such as rain or sunshine.   A mother has the innate ability to love in different ways, at different times, for different reasons and best of all, to create a loving atmosphere for her family. The love she has cannot be contained by difficult times but circumstances sometimes suppress the physical expression of her love for her children/family. The fact that you are a mom and I am one too, it means we have that special motherly bond, that is etched in a unique understanding about motherhood.  One mother’s joy should be another mother’s joy and vice versa.  The world needs mothers like us to restore, replenish, and revitalize it.  

As I think about you as a mother this Valentine’s, I would like to say to you, allow yourself to have personal loving moments. Try to do something for yourself that is good for your mental & physical health. With most of us mothers,  while we impart love to everyone around us, it is difficult for us to allow ourselves to experience self love.  Remember that love does not diminish because we share it liberally. Instead it grows because you spread it. Many of the challenges we face as mothers, are related to the things we face which comes to suppress our ability to reciprocate in loving activities. I believe difficulties make us stronger and different in our parental approach but if love remains at the centre, we will always have a winning recipe.  As a mother, practice to laugh at yourself because laughter is a good friend, that comes only when you invite it.  Allow laughter to stay as long as you can because it adds value to our existence.  A mother is rich with love and the ability to share herself with those who are depending on her, is a special trait given to mothers to remain in the centre of living and loving.

Let Valentine’s be a reminder to you that you are valuable. Be mindful that there is no other mother who can love with your passion, your tenacity and your courage.  Valentine’s comes to remind us that we are carriers of love. Be liberated and celebrate love in a way that depict the best you. Do not be confined by circumstances or challenges which can choke out the joy of a mother’s love. While Valentine’s may mean flowers for some, chocolate for others, dinning out for the elite group, make it real for yourself by knowing that  love’s enduring power is sustained by a mother’s will.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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