RAVES and more: Replies received from by election candidates.

2016-08-20_09h36_01Recently, I wrote a letter to each of the provincial party candidates in the by election in the campaign in Scarborough Rouge River Valley with copies to their respective leaders. 

Want to know the response I received?

2016-08-20_09h36_39 Nil. No reply. No response. Not a word from a single candidate.

This tells you something either about the political system, the politicians we now have, the efficiency of campaign offices, or the view these candidates have about a very vital local issue .

The Pickering Nuclear Generating station is nearly 50 years old, built for a life span of 30 years. It ‘safely and securely’ stores spent fuel rods locally. These rods emit radiation continuously and will do so for hundreds of years.

I dont fear for my life as I am a senior now. However, I fear for the lives of others who reside in the Pickering area. They and/or their children or their grandchildren are at risk. 

Read a copy of the letter I wrote to these candidates who have not yet replied:



Patrick Brown, PC;  auto response
Kathleen Wynne, Lib;  no reply
Andrea Horvath NDP; no reply
Mike Schreiner GRN;   no reply


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