DISCUSSIONS: WK17 School board official uses racist label

Board trustee uses racial slur in board debate…

York Region District School Board trustee Nancy Elgie used the N-word in referring to a parent during a board discussion.

Elgie is an elected public civil servant and an official of a public school board. A racial slur such as that which she used cannot be justified. Elgie has tried to explain that it was a mistake, that it was possibly linked to a medical mishap which she experienced. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that she should not be allowed to continue serving as a trustee at this time. She should resign and her position put to the court of public opinion with another election for the trustee position.

A person in public office must model very high moral principles and live by the highest ethical standards. Mistakes will be made and some may be forgiven. The one Elgie made is not a minor error. If it was made in the heat of an energetic debate, all the more reason why this trustee needs to be removed. It is a ‘Freudian slip’ which betrays the social views the trustee holds. This kind of error cannot be tolerated or accepted. The Board should have demanded the trustee’s immediate resignation, unequivocally and unconditionally.

If there is a medical reason which clouds the trustee’s thinking or restricts her thinking clearly, all the more reason to have the trustee out of office. If the circumstances are extenuating, then she may be given of the option of voluntary resignation. However, she should no longer be serving in the position and drawing a publicly paid salary.

Education Minister Mitzie Hunter urges trustee Nancy Elgie to resign

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