RICHARD writes...: Star columnist, Bob Hepburn, very wrong on Kathleen Wynne prediction

Her government may have taken some missteps, but who among us hasn’t made mistakes. She is guilty of overspending and erring in spending in general in many areas. But she’s still the party to head the next Ontario government.

Winning the next provincial election is not in Wynne’s cards according to TorStar columnist Bob Hepburn. $5 will get ya $10 Bob, she will win.

Bob Hepburn, well known Toronto Star columnist, writes a column touting Kathleen Wynne as likely to lose the provincial election next summer.

See his full article: The full article

It’s very easy to list the mistakes, flaws and errors relative to the Liberal led governments in Ontario. Liberal supporters may not place all the blame on Kathleen Wynne’s shoulders, and rightly so. However, there really are two questions to ask yourself: 1. Are you better off or worse off since Kathleen Wynne became the provincial leader? 2. Are you going to vote for a phantom?

Let’s examine the questions a little more closely.

Kathleen Wynne has changed some things for the better in Ontario. She has some really positive promises in the works. Polls suggest she does not have a prayer of winning. They even suggest that the Liberals could win a majority if she were to resign as leader of the party. Political animals usually have thicker skin than we credit them as having and they also have better memories than most of us.

Polls have made so many wrong predictions in recent memory, they can no longer be relied on for accuracy and dependability. Proven by elections in the USA, in Alberta, in British Columbia, in England, in France. The polls were wrong in all of these regions. In some cases, ridiculously wrong.

Granted, there is much about which Wynne can be criticized. But no government can be criticisms-free. Even the ‘Great sock’ in Ottawa has misstepped in a few areas like failed promises to the indigenous, failure to address election reform in Canada and shelving promised Senate reform. Wynne has erred too. Readers likely can list her mistakes quite easily on their own. However, the polls have proven wrong too often in the last few years to put money up against Wynne.

As to the second question,  can you even name the leader of the opposition in Ontario. Let me help you here. He once had a speech impediment that made him very shy about social interaction. He now promises to deliver what Ontarians need. He doesn’t name one thing that we need, other than change. So vote for Patrick Brown. Vote for change. You won’t know what the change will be but there will be change.

Now for the ‘black horse,’ with apologies for the analogy to Andrea Horwath. If she starts standing up publically, speaking out with positive promises, criticising Wynne in constructive ways, she just may knock the crown of Wynne’s head. Yes, a tall order but one she almost achieved two elections back. Now she and her strategists need to examine what they did right in the past, what they did wrong. Brown is ripe for displacement. He’s a non-entity promising absolutely nothing. A true example of a politician blowing hot air.

Wynne will win in 2018. You heard it here first.


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