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Trump may simply be too easy of a target. However, blaming him for everything wrong with the United States is wrong. He actually did inherit some horrendous legacies.

However, they are his to rectify. Can he ?

Reg’s Rants

People seem to find it convenient to forget the BUSH legacy.

It is much easier just to bash the previous Administration and ignore the failings of the current one.

The horrendous cost of the totally unjustified war in IRAQ. This American adventure also fanned the growth of AI QUEDA and ISIS.

The totally UNREGULATED financial system which allowed the insanity of the SUBPRIME MORTGAGES leading to a near DEPRESSION. Untold hardship for millions of MIDDLE and LOWER CLASS folks.

Luckily OBAMA managed to bring the US economy thru’ this mess and yes there were and are costs associated with this recovery.

TRUMP’s plans (if he has any) will only threaten this delicate recovery. We now have a guy who isn’t smart enough to take existing programs such as THE ACA and improve and build on them. His REPEAL AND REPLACE is only an excuse to extract funds from ACA and give additional tax breaks to himself and the Wealthy.

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