RAVES and more: Trump is like a scab….

Trump makes himself into a big target, often and in many ways.

He just cannot be ignored. He is like a scab which a person cannot resist picking. He broadcasts his frequent mental misfires and intellectual glitches on TWITTER clearly showing that one can go to school but it doesn’t mean one is educated.

Would the label “TRUMP TWIT”  be appropriate handle for the man?

Heather Mallick, Toronto Star, says it better when she writes about how much of an intellectual dwarf he may be.

 Read Heather Mallick’s, Toronto Star, latest where she demonstrates how ignorant the man is. Some of his education must have stuck but Mallick shows how little actually did stick.

Read Mallick’s column about Trump as an example of education which has not succeeded:

Mallick’s article, Toronto Star

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