RAVES and more: PC Leader Patrick Brown unreachable….What would you do?

What would you do?

   Day 42
and counting

About 6 weeks ago I tried contacting Patrick Brown of the Ontario Conservative Party via email and via Queen’s Park legislature office phone…both attempts have failed.

The details of the attempted contacts are not important, the failure is. I merely wanted to send Brown an invitation to meet with the Issues in the Media discussion group, a 30 person group of senior citizens living in Toronto who meet regularly to discuss issues in the news. We had heard of Patrick Brown but did not know anything about him as a person. So the thought was to meet with him and learn more about him.


What we have learned
Contacting Patrick Brown is an insurmountable challenge. If the need to contact him were very serious, really needed, the contact methods we found are useless.

Is he simply ignoring my contact attempts? To do so is plainly wrong. I am an Ontario citizen, a provincial taxpayer and he is a member of the Ontario legislature with responsibilities to the provincial electorate. To completely ignore a citizen of the province is wrong, rude and blatantly irresponsible.

I will try contacting him one more time. Should that attempt fail, I am writing a story about this contact failure to the Globe, the Star and the Sun. One of them will likely publish it. I am not looking to publicly lambaste Patrick Brown, but I do want the public to know about his lack of political responsibility. Let him choose which public hat he wishes to wear.

What would you do if you were in my position?

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