RICHARD's desk...: Wynne ain’t done yet

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Don’t count her out, just yet, Patrick !

Kathleen Wynne and her campaign execs are not smelling the whiff of defeat just yet.

Patrick Brown better put on his best running wear because…

Kathleen Wynne isn’t ready to surrender just yet. In fact, the very opposite. She’s hoisting the campaign flag high up the pole and it’s lookin’ better and better for her.

Look at the colours on the flag:

  • A balanced budget
  • Improved labour standards
  • A $15 minimum wage
  • A 25 per cent reduction in hydro rates
  • Massive rapid transit investments
  • Financial inducements for electric cars
  • Guaranteed annual income pilot projects
  • Free pharmacare care for young people
  • Tenant’s rights legislation
  • Measures to cool housing prices
  • Increased daycare subsidies
  • A strengthening economy

Patrick, prepare yourself. This old warrior is preparing herself for another battle and she is looking darn good. You on the other hand, not so good.

But just in case someone thinks this is a one sided bash, just what have you heard from Andrea Horwath lately. She could blow it again if she doesn’t get out of the starting blocks darn soon.


Horwath blew it in the last provincial election, squandering away the goodwill and support generated by Jack Layton’s work federally. If she doesn’t at least displace Brown as the opposition party after this election, she can wave goodbye to the leadership of the provincial NDP.
She is an honest politician who has slogged the political roadways honestly, sincerely and with a lot of professionalism and high principles. Sadly, political victories are awarded for more than she has shown. Can she change enough in time?

Two recent Toronto Star columns are worth reading in relation to the above:

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