2020 – Boca Grande’s very limited modes of getting round

Boca Grande used to be millionaires’ row…not anymore. The millionaires have all been pushed out…by billionaires.

At one time, Boca Grande was a small rural area with few homes, and a very small population, all very rich, millionaires. The place was quiet. Traffic, non-existent, ditto for bars, restaurants, grocery stores and such.

There was a single hotel where President George Bush, Sr. spent his winters. Strange that he didn’t have a home here, but perhaps he hadn’t made his millions yet.

The homes were large single or two story buildings, wooden sided, painted in muted pastels, creams, yellows, pinks and blues, occasionally a grey or a white. The town was quiet, a kind of hush all over the place. There were no pedestrians, no tourists, no shoppers, nobody outside.

Then….over the decades, things changed. First, residents changed. The millionaires were bought out by billionaires. Restaurants, bars, grilles, grocery stores got built up. The tourists came, to gawk and view life there. Boca Grande became billionaires’ row.

Today, there are pedestrians and tourists. But not much has changed otherwise. People walk around gawking at the estates behind the tall hedgerows or fences of bushes and shrubbery, but speak in hushed tones as if quiet conversation is paying reverence to the rich.

Cars have entered the picture but aren’t the prevalent mode of transportation. Electric carts, the kind on golf courses, are the major mode of transportation….for the hired staff, the cooks, the butlers to ride into town for grocery excusions.

And monitor your fuel gauge very closely if you visit Boca Grande.

There is no ‘gas station.’

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