About this site

Our site’s dedicated to helping older adults 55+ age better.

Created by an oldster himself, Richard Szpin, a retired educational administrator, a fellow of the Pickering Institute, a researcher and a writer in his own weight.

Health, nutrition, commentary
Our site covers everything for older adults, health — physical, mental, memory and more.

Fun stuff too
Books and book clubs, TV and movies too. But we also rant and rave with opinions and commentary from other oldsters from Erma and Eva to Fermo, Demo and Rotzy.

Technology too
The fellow’s been a lifelong learner but in the last few decades, a technologist who teaches other oldsters technology and every one of these students raves about the teaching, some even the teacher. So explore the technology area and have some more fun.

What comes round, goes round…volunteerism
The site’s not monetized but lives as a public service sprouting from our own volunteer work. Now, this site works to help oldsters age better by learning more in many areas.

More than Older adults 55+
Though we seem focused on older folks we actually aim to be cross-generational, aiming to bridge the gap between the boomers and the millennials, the Gen Xers and the RADs. Everyone is welcome as long as they have an open mind and want to open it more. “Ya get out of life what ya put in.”

Feedback sought
Got an opinion. Tell us ‘cuz’ we’re dyin’ to know it!