About this site

This site is dedicated to helping older adults, 55+, age better. We publish researched help, study-based assistance and investigated information aimed at improving life while ageing.

The site was created by and is maintained by Richard Szpin, a retired educational administrator, a fellow of the Pickering Institute and a writer and researcher in his own right.

Health, nutrition, commentary
The site covers many areas in its goal of assisting older adults: health, physical, mental, memory and more.

The site also deals with other areas such as book clubs, nutrition, diet, cooking, as well as political opinions and commentary.

Additionally, the site is supplemented by a team of writers associated with the site. They write insightful and inciteful commentary and opinion pieces to stimulate, inspire as well as assist older adults.

Because technology is viewed as a portal to the world, to more information, skills and tools for improved ageing, the site has an area devoted to technology. Richard’s own passion for teaching is bolstered here as he continues teaching classes and tutoring older adults in the use, value and benefits of technology such as iPads and computers.

Community involvement
Socialization and volunteerism are crucial facets of better ageing and in the regard the site also publishes news and event information relating to community news, events and social groups.

Finally, though not least in importance at all, the site has an area dedicated to books and media. Books are a means to an end, a good end. Books are a portal to entertainment, information, education and socialization. Join a book club and travel the world from your armchair.

More than Older adults 55+
Though we seem focused on a specific demographic group, our areas of interest apply to a broader social spectrum. Our aim is to help coalesce and unite older adults into an independent and interdependent team of people interested in helping each other get more out of life as we age.

Feedback sought
Give us your feedback as to how we can do things better for you have the knowledge and experience to improve many things for us all.