About Richard

About this site

I’m Richard Szpin, the creator of this website which is dedicated to adults 55+ age better.

I have “earned my spurs,” my credentials to publishing this site through a variety of skills and educational development from yearbook publishing to school board-wide electronic desktop publications.

Be that as it may, what’s this site about?
It aims to help older people, a demographic to which I belong but only chronlogically.

Who are these old people
I am becoming more and more involved with old people, guess it’s a factor of my own aging. But they piss me off as much as I piss them off. Old people don’t cut other people as much slack as they may want it cut for them. They bitch. They whine and they lament. But more importantly, they act as if the are entitled. When they organize some group, beware because they will lay down rules which if not abided by will have you ostracized and ejected from the group, no slack given, no leeway.

Old people don’t explore
Old people think that age confirms their total knowledge. They don’t need to learn more. They know it all. Argue with them, they dont cut you slack. They toss you aside, like what do you know. They know it all. No second chance, no slack, no leeway. Simply, they know it. You’re gone!

Sad state of affairs
Old people lack patience and tolerance. Their at-this-moment trumps everything else. Sadly, they aren’t willing to explore, open their minds to more, or see that there is a possibility of more. When they get into a position of power, watch out. They are going to do what they feel they have the power to do. No secondary review of other possibilities, no review of alternatives, no consideration of the other view. Their view is it. Correct, right onĀ  and they have the power. So they can do whatever they wish to do.

Sad situation
Sad as the above may be, it may be the way of the futue for yours truly. Sad because it means not cutting individuals slack, not giving them broader consideration. Instead, if and when the power is hand, we will do with them as we wish…right or wrong. We have the power.

Old people can be a pain in the ass…I hope I wont become one of them as I become an old person.