About Richard

About this site

I’m Richard Szpin, the creator of this website which is dedicated to helping adults 55+ age better.

I have “earned my spurs,” my credentials to publishing this site through a variety of skills and educational development from yearbook publishing to school board-wide electronic desktop publications.

My credentials and professional background
I am a retired educational administrator, a fellow of the Pickering Institute, a researcher, an editor and a writer. I am a community activist serving on committees and actively participating in many areas of the City of Pickering. I am actively engaged in an association of book clubs and serve as an executive in one of them. I actively interact with city councillors and Pickering library executives and administrators in my goals of helping older citizens.

Social commentator
Time is very precious and very limited. My book publication is on hold with more than a dozen chapters written but on hold as I struggle with the right ending to the story. My childrens’ book endeavour gets pushed back as well, as family, friends, life and the website take up much of my energy.

The website, www.szpin.ca has become a very high priority in my endeavours. Seniors are very important to me, how they are treated, how they are respected, how they are helped. The goal of my involvement with the community is to have it and its institutions prioritize seniors, particularly those who are on their own.

Foundation of our published material
Material published on this site is based on broad research, contact with professionals and interaction with experts in the particular fields about which the articles are written. However, site visitors are always encouraged to seek medical and legal advice from their own professionals.

Health and well-being
Site information in regard to health and well-being issues is based on research and contact with professionals. Where we write opinion pieces, we identify them as such but again base the opinions on material we have researched.

Diversions and fun stuff
Life needs diversions, humour and fun stuff. Hence, we write about entertainment from sources such as books, radio and TV, movies and printed news media. Besides our own publishing efforts, we have a team of contributors, writers and social commenters, who enrich our site with regular pieces, opinions and comments. They are retired professionals from the fields of education, engineering and medical service. You will find their work listed under the menu, Grey Quills.

Besides being a “life-long learner,” I discovered a passion for technology many years ago and have dedicated myself to imparting what I have learned to others in any way I can. I teach classes on use of digital devices. I publish technological oriented material on my own site and on other technological dedicated sites such as Cloudeight and iPhone. I also tutor adults in use of electronic devices. Digital devices and their use are a constantly changing area of knowledge, so much so, that even experts in the field find it extremely difficult to keep up.

Enjoy the site
The site is non-monetized and ad free and we hope to continue way for as long as we can. The fuel that keeps us going is the support and feedback we receive from our site visitors.

Monthly newsletter
Additionally, we publish a monthly newsletter to highlight pieces or news from the site.

More than Older adults 55+
Though the site is focused on older folks but in reality, it is cross-generational, aiming to bridge the gap between the boomers and the millennials, the Gen Xers and the RADs.

Visit us regularly
Visit us regularly. Explore our site. Use our search features. With nearly ten years of effort, we are confident you will find something of the value, something entertaining and something worthwhile on our site.

With much appreciation…