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About this site


Richard Szpin, senior, website developer/manager, dedicated to helping older adults 50+.

Why older adults 50+
First, I am one, a senior who must deal with all the facets that come with ageing, memory depreciation, muscle weakening, energy loss. However, I will battle ageing every day.

In light of the above, may I say I am a life long learner. Many older adults are not and that bothers me. Learning enriches life. Learning improves living endlessly. Learning enriches my life and I would like to help others improve their lives in the same way. In this day and age, the Internet and technology open the portals to more learning. Use them and your life will be enriched. Use whatever ways, paths you have to learn more and improve your life.

Old people should explore more
Old people should explore more. That means try new things, try things you that interest you but which you never thought you might try. Try one or two. See what feelings are stirred in you when you try these new things. Go for it!

Let the lilies grow later
We will all pass on but until we do, learn, explore and live your life as fully as you can. Our site is dedicated to helping you in that regard. We try to assist with researched information, news relating to older adults and support and help in whatever way we can. And if we can’t help you, we will point you in directions where you can find help. 

Ageing is a challenge but it is one not given to everyone. You were given this wonderful opportunity, to age. Make the most of it.

Welcome to my website.