About Richard

About this site

We’re dedicated to helping adults 55+ age better.

Created by Richard Szpin, a retired educational administrator, a fellow of the Pickering Institute, a researcher and a writer in his own weight, the site aims to help older adults with information, news and assistance in numerous areas.

Health, nutrition, commentary
The site covers many topics dealing with older adults — health: physical, mental, memory and more.

Fun stuff too
Books and book clubs, TV and movies reviewed and critiqued. Besides offering kudos and complaints, the site also publishes opinions and commentary from other older adults. See Grey Quills to learn about them.

Technology too
Richard has always been and continues being a “life-long learner.” His fellow writers, the Grey Quills are of the same attitude. Therefore, technology is an important category and is updated regularly. Richard’s continues working in that field by tutoring, teaching computer courses and writing reviews.

What comes round, goes round…volunteerism
The site is not monetized but was developed as public service based on the philosophy of volunteerism, an activity which helps maintain a youthful, energetic life as one ages.

More than Older adults 55+
Though the site is focused on older folks, in reality, it is cross-generational, trying to bridge the gap between the boomers and the millennials, the Gen Xers and the RADs. Everyone is welcome as long as they have an open mind and want to open it more. “Ya get out of life what ya put in.”

Feedback welcome
Got an opinion. Tell us ‘cuz’ we’re dyin’ to know it and we think it has value!