About Richard

Hello, I am Richard Szpin, the publisher of this website.

I was a secondary school teacher and administrator and for many years, I taught technology in the largest community college in Canada.

Passion behind bars, handlebars !
After retiring, I added motorcycling to my other passions. I have ridden across Canada from coast to coast, south as far as New Orleans and north to the borders of Alaska. I have even ridden the Alps in Europe.

Cooks, books and flicks
My father was a professional chef, so the apple does not fall far from the tree. I have cooked with professional chefs in Canada and in Italy but have so much more to learn and practice.

I read a lot, the number of books I have read is inestimable. Now I am writing one.

I love languages: fluent in Polish, stumbling in Italian and currently studying Spanish.  I enjoy travel tremendously, especially to countries where I can practice my other languages.

I am passionate about movies and TV with my tastes ranging from intrigue, and suspense to news programs and documentaries.

Digital dedication
I concluded my professional years teaching computers, an interest which I avidly maintain even after retiring. I own many electronic devices as I try to stay atop of technology, a very challenging goal. I still teach computers but now to older students, my youngest is in her 60’s.

Reading and Writing
As a lifelong reader, the urge to write was inevitable and I rose to this challenge by being a regular columnist for two motorcycle magazines before venturing into writing reviews for the digital world. These literary activities led me into creating and launching my own digital publication, now an ongoing endeavour for nearly 7 years.

Website:  www.szpin.ca
When I launched my website, “Cooks, Books, and Nooks,” I dedicated it to older adults as I was a retiree. My goal was to research material of value to older adults visiting my site. I feel the web is a source of continued growth and enrichment for older adults.

Older adults community
I continue to be very involved with older adults in many ways. My involvement has included: membership on a City of Pickering Seniors Committee; acting as an executive on a retired professional business person association; member of a local library book club and club secretary; launching a technology club at the Pickering central library; and of course, I still publish my older adults website.

“What tomorrow holds” is unknown to all of us. I plan to continue publishing my website to assist and support older adults in their health, their living fuller lives and their greater participation in and interaction with their community peers. Finally, my greatest goal is to continue my efforts of promoting and integrating old adults as equal and full citizens within their local communities and within Canadian society.

Your feedback would be very appreciated
I avoid direct emailing of site visitors as much as possible, (one does not want to wear out their welcome). However, your feedback relating to my website would really be appreciated. From this feedback, I can learn what modifications should be considered to improve the site. Please do let me know if the site has helped you in any way.