EDITORIAL: PRINTED NEWS must be supported . . . why?

Recognize that ribbon? Know what it symbolizes?

If you read newspapers, you might; if your source of news primarily is FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER, you likely won’t.

The days of printed news are numbered. The demise of that media can almost be predicted to the year, if not the month.

If you have held a newspaper in your hands within the last few weeks, you are exceptional. An increasing number of people rely on digital devices and their related apps for their news to the detriment of print news media.

Newspapers have professional journalists who have developed themselves as journalist professionals over years, likely beginning studies in a journalism school and then honing their reporting skills in the news publication field. Many of these journalists are really good at their work, like fine wine, improving with age. Many are valuable sources of analysis and information. That many are entertaining is merely icing on the cake.

Professional journalists work hard at delivering news which is valid, credible and truthful. Their reputations depend on it. These writers are public watchdogs guarding defending the public welfare. They put the magnifying glass on politicians; they do the forensic accounting examination to protect the public purse; they expose social and criminal wrongdoing to provide greater awareness, safety and security to our society. We should pay them directly for their work.

The Toronto Star, the creme de la creme, as it should be has a number of columnists who deserve regular reading. An abbreviated list of our favourites: Rosie Dimanno, Heather Mallick, Emma Teitel, opinion writers who open mental doors, tweak personal consciences, and constantly nourish readers’ intellects with food for thought.

Remember you may not have heard about Watergate as soon as you did without the press; Bill Clinton’s abuse of Monica Lewinsky may never have become public knowledge; Daniel Dale of the Star opened the door to Trump’s lying, deceit and obfuscating. We are a more knowledgeable and informed society because of these journalists and the work they do.

Think of the debt we owe the free press and ask yourself if you are repaying that debt. We all should be repaying it.

At the very least, subscribe to a partial subscription, maybe home deliver just on weekends and in that way you are repaying your debt to the vigilantes of our society without too much impact on our environment.

Wearers of the ribbon are demonstrating their recognition of
Sex Crimes Awareness.

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