A sad state of affairs….

A sad state of affairs led by the USA first.

Where are we going socially? When will we relinquish the male dominance of our society.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has the job for life. At his age, he could be sitting on the US Supreme Court Bench for the next 35 years or more. He was confirmed by 50-48 Republicans – Democrats.

Kavanaugh’s appointment confirms the illness of our society
Men still dominate. The women in the US Congress were an infinitesimal number: 20% of the American Congress are women; less than 7% women of colour. Canada is a little better until one examines a little more closely. City council composition of women ranges from absolutely ZERO, Pickering, Canada to 26% female in Toronto.

The dominance of our society is too obvious
As the Congress representatives spoke, their posturing, their attitude differed depending on their gender. The women who spoke on camera were gentle, placid, speaking in dulcet tones using polite phrases. Would anyone listen to this manner of speaking? The male Congressmen spoke aggressively, assertively, using phrases that were raucous, bold, angry, bordering on what would be described as bullying. They got air time. Ask yourself if they were listened to?

Something is wrong with this picture
Why are so few women in positions of civil service? Is it something to do with capability? Education? Upbringing? Responsibilities? Family commitments? Intelligence? Capacity? Desire?

There are municipal election candidates who are sounding the sexism alarm: Higdon, mayor candidate in Pickering, Keesmaat, mayor candidate in Toronto.

However, are women conditioned to the inferior position socially? Women in France, just over 50% believe the ‘me too’ movement has gone too far. They feel there is justification for sexual comments men might make at a woman, male catcalls at women may be acceptable, the touch of a woman’s behind or her stockinged knee may not be as objectionable as some of the “metoo” movement assert.

What do you think?

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