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Terry Fallis

Fallis, the Stephen Leacock of our times, maybe. But not with his latest work, Albatross. With this novel, ‘philanthropist,’ ‘humanitarian’ may be more appropriate labels.


Phys ed teacher, Bobbie Davenport does some physical measurements on four of her male gym students. Based on the research of a Swedish scientist, one student not only stands out, but stands out by miles. According to the guide presented in The Scandinavian Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Medicine study, Adam Coryell is your average high-school student–well, except for that obsession with fountain pens–when his life changes forever. Based on a study by a quirky Swedish professor that claims that every human being, regardless of athletic inclination, has a body that is suited to excel in at least one sport, it turns out that Adam is good–very good, in fact–at golf. Even though he’d never even picked up a golf club.

Almost instantly, and with his coach, hard-nosed Bobbie Davenport by his side, Adam and his new-found talent skyrocket to prodigy-level that includes tournament titles, sponsorship deals, throngs of fans following his every move and fodder for tabloids.

But here’s the catch: Adam doesn’t really like golf. And as the life he once knew slips away–including the love of his life, the dream of being a writer, and everyday normalcy – he can’t help but wonder if all this success and fame is worth it or if it’s enough.

Heartwarming and funny, sweeping and entertaining, Terry Fallis’s new book takes readers on a journey of self-discovery.

Richard writes

The story line is a good one, but its development is somewhat erratic. The flow of the prose doesn’t quite click. The reader engagement isn’t as continuous and smooth as previous books written by Fallis. But this is quibbling over style rather than dealing with substance.

The story is a good one, engaging, at times exciting, at other times romantic. The pen collecting is a bit of fluff or silliness but it demonstrates that Fallis does his research homework before jumping into the literary pool. Bravo.

Always a fan of anything Fallis writes, this book is an enjoyable read. The golf descriptions are tantalizing and wishful dreaming for any reader who plays golf. The pen collection descriptions demonstrate that Fallis gives research due diligence.

A good book for passing time on a rainy day or on a sunny beach or being shut in by COVID-19.

If you aren’t familiar with Terry Fallis’ work, reading any of his earlier books will make you a fan. He has published nearly a dozen very funny and very entertaining books. Unreservedly, he is the best writer of humour in Canada today.

Recommended as an entertaining afternoon or two of reading.


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