Nearly 4000 deaths in LTC homes….and this minister is still there

Incredible how the public is willing to let old people die….does anyone really care??? We know the government of Ontario sure doesn’t. It accepts this incredible death rate in long term care residents by retaining the minister of LTC months after her ministry has proven a failure at rectifying the mortality rate in LTC facilities. And she still remains in office after the incredible number of deaths shown in the title of this post.

Besides the problem will go away on its own eventually (Kind of what the ex-Pres. T**** would have said. Same kind of action on the part of Premier Trumpette.

Look at the number of deaths in the title of this post….does anyone out there care?

And the poor long term care residents cannot do anything about it themselves.  Some may not even realize how threatened their lives are…but does anyone care?

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