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Advice can help everyone. It can inspire. It can increase creativity, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

This category offers a growing list of writing tips and ideas with the hope that the suggestion may inspire and spark new ideas and new initiatives for writers and their work.

Ignore all advice at your own peril.
  • CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: “smoke ’em, if ya got ’em”
  • CUSTOMIZED Gmail SIGNATURES: promotion of your book
  • GMAIL SIGNATURES: create your own Gmail signature to promote book sales
  • MEDIA KITS: adding Q&A supplements by Rick Pyves
  • MEDIA KITS: Build one and they will come buy
  • MEDIA KIT as detailed by award winning author, DENNIS GAZAREK
  • #3 – Consider PEER ANALYSIS
  • #2 – Do your RESEARCH as you write. Confirm your facts before final editing.
  • #1 − Use character voice when writing critical information which could offend readers
  • Courses online
  • GOOGLE Chrome EXTENSIONS: valuable tools
  • GRAPHS? CHARTS? Links to interesting graphs & charts
  • Computers drive me crazy!
  • 10 apps to set up your iPad
  • 10 apps to set up a Win 10 computer
  • PASSWORD USE made easy
  • 3 apps only, all you need
  • Email etiquette, Part 2
  • Become a Super Manager of your data
  • A great website for COMPUTER ASSISTANCE, TIPS and Advice
  • Website of the month – great set of Internet utilities, FREE
  • NOTEZILLA, computer ‘post its’
  • Mobility issues – here’s a ‘toy’ that will surprise you with its utility
  • Stickies notes for free
  • RADIO stations from around the world
  • Selling your WINDOWS 10 computer: clean it first
  • Tech courses this fall
  • WINDOWS 10 manual