We invite writers to submit their work for posting here for others to read. If you want feedback, include contact information but be aware these postings are on the Internet for public view.

10 commandments of critiquing

  1. Thou shalt not offend
  2. Thou shalt not be negative
  3. Thou shalt not become personal
  4. Thou shalt consider the writing, not the writer
  5. Thou shalt start and stop with the positive
  6. Thou shalt polish the critique before posting
  7. Thou shalt focus on improvements
  8. Thou shalt provide precise changes in tone, structure or dialogue
  9. Thou shalt be succinct and concise; not verbose and rambling
  10. Thou shalt leave the writer wanting to improve

In essence, remember a writer is a person with feelings and emotions. They want feedback to improve their writing, not assaults. The writer does not want to feel battered by the critique.

Writers consider:
Critique writers are critiquing the writing, not attacking you.
Critiques need to be considered as suggestions for your consideration.
The goal of the critique is to improve the writing, not change the person.

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