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I am an avid amateur cook, real amateur, never formally trained, but acquiring kitchen know how through hit and miss, trial and error. So I am capable in the kitchen, no more, no less.

I love cooking…thanks dad !

My father was a professional chef, before glamorization by TV and the Food Channel glorified the job to what it is today. My dad was a “down home” cooking type of chef as were all chefs of his time. He would not have known a ceviche from a sous vide but because of his inherent talents and intelligence, he would have caught on quickly and learned what they are faster than anyone would have expected. My cooking is along his lines in the sense that I explore, I discover, I try but I am careless as a cook in that I do not record my recipes and how I have done things. Hence, I cannot duplicate many of my dishes. The more used ones, yes; the others, no.

Visit here for restaurant reviews, recipes, and food related postings

Visit here and you will see reviews of restaurants I have visited, though I will confess the reviews are not on regular basis, for a number of reasons: my wife prefers my cooking to many restaurants, feeling it has proper quality, diligent preparation and artful, if not heartful, care in its creativity. Hence, we go out far less than I would like but far more than my wife likes. Still, I love dabbling in the kitchen and I have yet to meet the person who does not like my seafood salad which is eaten with gusto to rave reviews. Now…I gotta go…dinner tonight is medallions of pork tenderloin with calvados sauced apples, a ladle of creamed mashed potatoes and asparagus spears and buttered baby carrots, accompanied by a suitably dry sauvignon blanc, chilled just right….mmmmmm…off to the kitchen I go !!

My favourite sites for food/kitchen related advice:

EPICURIOUS: one of the best sites for recipes and cooking advice.
KITCHN: a great source of kitchen ideas and tested recipes.
RICARDO: Quebec chef with easy to do recipes and very useful videos.

I visit these sites frequently and try the recipes that really catch my eye. If the recipe is well liked, I file it and save it.

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RECIPES:  Recipes which have been tried and approved.
GOOD EATS:   Reviews of restaurants as written by site visitors.


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