EDITORIAL: Pickering councillors to decide on replacement councillor


On January 13, the Mayor and councillors of the City of Pickering meet to decide on the appointment of a new councillor to replace Ian Cumming who passed away last year.

This will be a tough decision not only because of the personal and professional considerations that must be made but also because of the challenging times in which we live today.

Tough times
The current council is facing very difficult times: the ongoing impact of the OMICRON virus everywhere; the demands for and urgent need of a hospital for Pickering; the disruption, expense and stress of upcoming elections, municipal and provincial. The forces pressuring the current councillors are immense.

Furthermore, the councillors are faced with a multiplicity of important considerations.

Factors in the consideration
Though the councillors must reflect on the professional and personal qualifications of each of the two dozen applicants, they must also be aware of other important criteria. Listing these in some instances may be politically incorrect: race, gender, or visible grouping cannot be on the table of examination. However, the councillors’ decision should possibly reflect the current demographics of Pickering as well as what a future council should look like.

Each candidate must be considered on the basis of personal and professional credentials, curriculum vitae, and what they bring to the table as individuals. It will not be an easy decision, but the councillors may find some comfort in the fact that there is an upcoming municipal election soon, and this means the electorate will confirm the chosen replacement or disaffirm him or her with an alternate choice.

The ultimate choice rests with the people of Pickering.

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