“KIDS KAMP”…election 2019

Campaign 2019 is a school yard kids brawl.

The place to lay blame for the denigration and devolution of our campaign 2019 is south of the border where the political leader uses crude language absolutely unheard of in earlier political times, particularly when women were present. Today, etiquette be damned, politeness unheard of, decorum a foreign word. That’s how low we have devolved. Language which may have not have even been used in rough bars, now is becoming the daily de rigueur south of the border. ‘Bull sh*t,” a word never uttered by well mannered people generally, today is blared out open, on TV and out of the mouth of the US president, no less.

It is spilling over into Canada. Our campaigners are stooping low, picking up the mud and slinging it at each other. Not every party, not every candidate but definitely politicians who should know better. Veterans who have slogged through many previous campaigns, candidates who should know better, ones who have campaigned with respect and dignity in earlier campaigns, now forget all manner of proper decorum, of political correctness, of campaign professionalism.

First, a veteran dug into the parliamentary archives to find mud to sling against Scheer, his old views about same sex marriage. That opened the door a bit, a bit beyond questioning ethics, party integrity, gender abuse such as declared with the SNC-Lavalin issue, an island vacation at the property of a party big whig. Then, it got worse, muddier. The blackface costume party revelation was not politics, it was mud slinging, pure and simple.

Today it becomes silly. Again, Scheer becomes the target, his dual citizenship implied that he may be a traitor to Canadian patriotism. These are mature adults, supposedly, slinging mud like school yard bullies. “Ya wanna call me unpatriotic? Well, I’ll call you a huge polluter flying two planes between ridings….Hey, I found a candidate of yours who slings mud at the LBGTQ community. OK, OK, she’s been fired. But you got a candidate who targets women labeling their proper place as doing dishes, folding laundry”….and on and on it goes. 

And if you are about to dismiss the above rhetoric and mud slinging as inconsequential or something to ignore. Look at how ‘inconsequential’ it has become. A voter walked right up to Jagmeet Singh and told him he would fit in better in Canadian society, would look more like the average Canadian, “if he cut off his turban.” Can you feel Jagmeet’s pain? Canada 2019…how low we have sunk.

As incredible and unbelievable as it may seem to be, our society has sunk to unspeakable and unacceptable levels of disrespect, demoralizing stupidity and depressive absurdity. 

We are back in the school yard but there’s no class.

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