FULL DISCLOSURE, Beverley McLachlin

Beverley McLachlin knows a thing or two about writing. And she is a good judge of well written opinions based on years of experience.

By Beverly McLachlin

Even the reader becomes a detective as you are drawn by chapter and page into this who-dun-it mystery novel. Each new character becomes a possible suspect. The suspicion arises partway through the novel weighing the possibilities of who is responsible and why? But the reader needs confirmation. Who is the criminal of the popular socialite found shot dead in the marital bed?

It is a page turner for what new evidence awaits around the door.

The investigative and courtroom proceedings are very detailed and engaging. One easily forgets the author is a renowned and former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The book is well written, in a language that is inviting providing suspense and stimulating curiosity.

It’s Canadian in setting and content.

An outstanding plot which ultimately should make a great movie.

If you enjoy detective movies, this is a movie in a book. Read it!

Nadia G.

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