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The NETFLIX star ratings don’t mean what you think. Netflix’s star ratings for movies and TV shows don’t represent the actual rating but instead are how much Netflix thinks you’ll like them based on your previous viewing history.

Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont have banned billboard advertising. Hawaii was the first state to ban billboards in the 1920s.

The paper sleeve around your coffee cup is called a zarf. Historically, the zarf was often ornamental and from metal. Today, zarfs are usually made out of cardboard and wrap around your coffee (or tea) cups.

Leading causes of death in North America:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Medical errors !

Rabbits are not capable of vomiting. Rabbits have no gag reflex. Moreover, a rabbit’s diaphragm lacks the strength to vomit.

Cuba and North Korea are the only countries in the world where you can’t buy Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola cannot be bought or sold (at least, not officially) because both countries are under long-term U.S. trade embargoes. Cuba since 1962 and North Korea since 1950.

Crows hold grudges and they tell their family and friends about them. Researchers have found that the birds can recognize individual human faces and that they held tightly to a negative association with that face. Additionally, they shared that knowledge of dangerous humans with other crows.

The electric chair was invented by a DENTIST !

Alfred P. Southwick was a dentist, engineer and inventor from New York. He is credited with inventing the electric chair as a method of legal execution after witnessing a fatal but accidental electrocution in 1881. Southwick modified a dentist’s chair and began experimenting on animals. On 6 August 1890, a convicted murderer named William Kemmler became the first person in history to be executed by electric chair.

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