EDITORIALS: Hong Kong…your position?

Where should you stand on the Hong Kong demonstrations?

The short history is that Hong Kong, formerly a British colony, was returned to mainland China with the condition that they would have freedoms as they had before for 50 more years. However, these freedoms have been slowly eroded less than 20 years into the agreement. The worst infringement on Hong Kong freedoms has been that arrested Hong Kong citizens can be extradited to mainland China with no legal recourse.

Loss of freedoms
The people of Hong Kong’s demonstrations aimed at reversing lost freedoms, peaceful in the beginning, have become progressively more violent. Culpability for this increased violence is not as important as where these events are going. Freedom and democracy are being eroded in Hong Kong. Life in Hong Kong has changed from day to night. Human rights are in jeopardy; democracy is being threatened; human freedoms are being violated extra-legally.

Mainland China violates contract
Mainland China had promised to leave things be until 2047 but slowly they have been violating the terms of the agreement. The details of the violations are not crucial. What is crucial is that China broke a contract and continues to break it more and more. Their goal may be integration of HK with the mainland but that was the agreement mainland China made originally. They are violating an international agreement.

Sign the petition supporting democracy and human rights
Consider your position on supporting people who are asking that democracy be continued and human rights not be violated. 2047 has not arrived yet, even though China seems to act that way.

You can take a stand in support of the people of Hong Kong. This is not a support of violence, nor of revolution, nor rebellion. It is simply a support that national agreements should be inviolable. Mainland China promised one thing but now it is renegging on the promise, not just renegging but violating human rights, rights to demonstrate, rights to free assembly and rights to protest. Democracy is being destroyed.

Sign the petition in support of keeping Hong Kong free as per the original agreement they had with China:  PETITION


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