JAN 6 HEARINGS: Why they are important

The Jan. 6 Hearings
Why they are important

The Jan 6. Hearings being televised on American TV are historical along the same lines as the Sen. Joe McCarthy hearings, the Watergate Hearings, the Ira-Contra hearings. The riots which took place at the Washington Capitol were a revolution, an attempted coup of the American government.

Though they may not have any direct relationship with Canada, we should pay attention and give some consideration to the hearings to protect our own democray here. We’re the mouse sleeping beside the elephant and when that sleeping giant turns, we are at risk. Those Jan 6 riots spilled over into Canada with the Ottawa Truckers Protest, also known as the Freedom Convoy.

We have rights, personal and protected by law. Free speech and free demonstration are included in those guaranteed rights. No where in our Bill of Rights are we given the freedom of violent, destructive or property/personal attack protest. The American riot of Jan 6 was an outright attack on the federal government. It was an incite to revolution, to civil disruption, to sedition.

It is a sad commentary as to how polarized and divided the United States is today. The attack threatened the lives of members of Congress, of citizens working inside the Capitol all in the name of “freedom.” The attackers have deafened half of Americans and nearly half of their established political parties. Those deafened citizens will not or cannot hear what the hearings are about. The hearings are presenting factual, truthful information showing how deviant thinking has become in a serious faction of American society.

Americans love their legal system, lawyers and trials. An American president incited the riots and supported sedition. He even praised supporters who wanted to “get VP Mike Pence.” I have one question about which I wonder…as more information is revealed regarding the previous president’s collusion and support of sedition, “Why has he not been put on trial?”


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