Are you forgetting more and more things?

Memory problems?

Memory weakens with age, no way around it.
But you can delay the inevitable, you can find ways to slow the decline.

The posts in this new Memory series can help you in this battle to slow the process and retain as much of your memory as possible for as long as possible.

These posts will:
Help you improve your organization;
Give you strategies to help retain and use your memory;
Suggest memory support with reminder assistants.

STRATEGY: #4 – Making lists improves productivity - Make lists, even on paper. It will improve your productivity, but it will also exercise and active both the mind and the memory. No matter how arcane as it may seem to be, making lists is useful in many ways. … Continue reading
RICHARD's desk...: Strategies to cope with a slipping memory - Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! Announcing a new category on the website: “MEMORY” I notice more and more that my memory is not what it used to be. I don’t like that my memory is slipping away on me. … Continue reading
STRATEGY: #1 – Get/stay organized - Memory is a like sand in your hand, slowly trickling through your fingers. Live long enough and you will have no memory but that age limit is different for every person. Some people begin to have memory problems in mid-life. Others have … Continue reading
STRATEGY: #2 – Email yourself - Send yourself an Email reminder and when you check your calendar, check your email too! This is one of the easiest no cost ways of giving your memory assistance if it needs it. Plus it is really convenient and practical … Continue reading
STRATEGY: #3 – The 3 R’s to memory issues -  At some point, forgetting things becomes upsetting. Therefore, it is best to not only exercise your memory but also to learn effective strategies to give it real support. The 3 R’s are an excellent strategy procedure to help you retain what … Continue reading