RECIPES: ONIONS – Sweetin’ em up !

2016-08-28_09h53_34 ONIONS: for Poles, as essential an ingredient to their cooking as potatoes but if you find them overpowering, here are a couple of tips to decrease their naturally powerful acidity.


Gently braising onions will “carmelize” them which means it will reduce their acidity, thereby increasing the concentration of their sugar content. In short, they will taste sweet. Adding a bit of white wine like a chardonnay will really enhance the sweetness.

RAW USE – A great tip !
If you want use in raw onions in salads, in sandwiches and in any dish where raw onions are called for but find them overpowering. Reduce their acidity by soaking sliced/diced/chopped onions in water with a teaspoon of sugar. Steep the onions for a couple of hours. Drain and dry as desired and serve. Sweet and satisfying.


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