Is POPULISM beginning to take hold in Canada?

Populism is creeping into Canada.

Canadians apathetic to its rise ?

Populism is the murky political philosophy of the extreme right as promoted by Donald Trump, Geert Wilder, Marinne LePen and Frauke Petry. They promote nationalism to the exclusion of new immigrants, they promote ostracism of Muslims and other foreigners, they favour isolationist economic policies.

Canada has politicians of that colour on the horizon also, Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary. Leitch supports the idea of screening immigrants for Canadian values. O’Leary feels being unable to speak both official languages of Canada is not a necessary criteria for being Prime Minister.

Xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia and hate seem to be on the rise in Canada. A politician in Ottawa has put forward a motion to fight Islamophobia.

Now here is where it becomes interesting. Agreeing with MP Khalid’s motion to fight Islamophobia polarizes one religion. Anti-Semitism is not addressed at all.

Anthony Fuey, Toronto Sun, presents a good case when he addresses the issue that Khalid’s motion could spell trouble for Canada. SeeĀ Fuey.

Then, consider the Montreal Gazette’s article about the growing number of Canadians who favour values testing of new immigrants. SeeĀ Montreal Gazette.


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