Complaining helps!

ANGRY FACEI am told I complain a lot. Whine, lament, moan and groan. It may be true, although I don’t notice it. Still, if I do complain it isn’t without clear intent. I usually want to improve things and most often, I am willing to be a participant in the improvement process.

But I think others don’t listen long enough or carefully enough because they don’t get the whole message behind the complaint. I think maybe I have to change the vintage of the whine!

COMPLAINING 101 : How to complain 
Unsatisfied with a product, a service? Complain about it to the company responsible.

  1. Make a list related to the product or service you received and why you are displeased with it. Itemize each dissatisfaction with a brief analysis/description.
  2. Sleep on the list for a day or so. That way you have time to cool off and review the seriousness and validity of each complaint.
  3. If items remain on the list, kick it up to the next level. Research the web for the companies Public Relations/Complaint department/Contact number or email address.
  4. Write a letter to the company [email usually is more expeditious] and wait for a reply.
  5. Respond to the reply.

Reputable companies, companies who value their patrons and their own public image, will respond offering some kind of resolution to the problem. You might get a replacement; they might offer to repair the faulty product. Ask for nothing, receive same!

Unfortunately, unless you are a real diplomat, you may have to pay for shipping costs.
If customs [USA] is involved, be sure to label all shipments as REPAIR, so that customs sees the product as old, duties already paid. Otherwise, you may pay duties twice.

Good luck with your complaining. It is de-stressing when the outcome is positive.


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