SCREENPRESSO: excellent screen capturing app

Ever want to grab a portion of your computer screen and use it in an email? Consider using SCREENPRESSO, a free app which will do the job for you, easily and incredibly well.


Screenpresso is a free app which captures screen shots as well as videos of your screen activity which can be emailed to people to explain things.

The app is very easy to learn and use. It installs automatically to your WIN 10 PC desktop and you’re off to the races.

Capture desktop images as displayed below:

A section of my desktop






Capture copies of photos:


section of a photo








Now I am capturing a portion of my screen. This is a new feature which I am still learning:
Click on the white arrow near the bottom left and the video plays. There is a long delay to the end as I am still learning how to use videos.

Screenpresso allows you to markup/annotate your captures with text, arrows, circles and lines. 

A marvellous tool for showing your collaborators what you are doing and what you are working on.

For more explanation, contact me at

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