RECIPES: A super salsa to add to your pantry !

2016-11-26_19h26_55 Now here’s a food item you really
should add to your pantry!

Natural ingredients, and
A Canadian food produced locally in Durham !

2016-11-26_19h27_05 Miscela is a product, hard to describe, but great to eat and use in cooking.

Appetizer…yes, serve it on toast Italian bread slices, toasted crostini rounds or simply on crackers.

In food preparation, oh yes. Perfect for mixing in with cooked pasta or rice.

Add it as part of stuffing mix in chicken breasts or veal scallopini.

Enhance a tomato sauce that you have made.

This is a food item that once you try it, you’ll not only love it but your imagination will create endless ways to use it to enhance other foods which you prepare.

It comes in three food bases, olive, sun dried tomatoes and corn. The olive and sun dried tomato ones are simply outstanding. The corn one remains to be tried. Availability: I have found it in the deli area of my local grocery store, Metro. I am sure it is available at other grocery stores.

This is a must try food product. Plenty of taste with no additives.

Buon appetito !



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