Surveillance, security and wheel locks

Paranoia or vulnerability?

Older adults are justifiably afraid of many things from falls to muggings. But of course, because of their age and physical decline, it is a legitimate fear.

Florida is no exception to the paranoia which comes with age. In fact, it may be the leader of the pack. There is a greater population of old people in Florida. Many of this demographic group are retirees and likely have pensions which allow them to have a second home here. Some even keep a second car in Florida.

These older people have legitimate fears. Besides the fears that are associated with the physical decline due to age, this group also fears they are more likely to be mugged than younger people.  As well as potential assailants, they recognize they are more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves than younger adults.

This legitimate fear in the older people in Florida extends itself to their properties. Their condos, their apartment towers have parking lots and parking facilities which are patrolled by security companies 24/7. Signs are posted warning trespassers about the constant surveillance. More signs caution drivers without appropriate business in the area, to be aware that unknown trespassers may have their cars tagged, wheel locked, or even towed away. At one building we passed, we saw three flatbed tow trucks loading up vehicles for taking away.

And if one should think they might get away with parking in these lots for a short period of time, when we arrived at our rental condo, it was less than 2 hours before someone knocked on our door in regard to our car.

Whew…they may be old but they ain’t slowin’ down much!


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