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Many older adults are apprehensive about technology, seeing it as being unnecessary, too much trouble or of no value to them. I am an older adult and I find there are limitless benefits to using technology. Here are just a few of the benefits I see in using it:

  1. Exercises the brain
  2. Assists the memory
  3. Stores and safeguard photos
  4. Stores and backs up important documents, receipts, and data
  5. Works like an UNSALARIED office assistant
  6. Makes one feel like a successful problem solver

If you aren’t using technology to help your family keep better organized, have easier access to your valuable information, store and safeguard crucial family documents, ask yourself why not?

Maybe you simply need a little help to get you started?

Consider joining one of the workshops offered by SZPIN TECH CLUB or contact me to learn how to get personalized tutoring:

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